Lakefront Restoration

Does floating debris seem to always find your shoreline? Are you tired of swimming or boating through the aquatic plants at the end of your dock? Our lakefront restoration team can remove all nuisance aquatic vegetation and debris from your swim area and shoreline. Whether your property requires muck-digesting bacteria and enzymes, an aerator/circulator near your dock, or simply a team to remove and dispose of the vegetation, we can help. We will bring all of the necessary tools and equipment while also disposing of the biomass at our compost site.

Per Wisconsin DNR Chapter 109, “Removal of native plants is limited to a single area with a maximum width of no more than 30 feet measured along the shoreline provided that any piers, boat lifts, swim rafts and other recreational and water use devices are located within that 30−foot wide zone and may not be in a new area or additional to an area where plants are controlled by another method.”

Hand harvesting (i.e., snorkeling) of aquatic invasive species such as Eurasian Watermilfoil does not require a permit and has no area limitations per the DNR guidelines. Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) can be used to remove invasive aquatic plants with an approved permit application. Please contact us to discuss the DASH permit application.

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