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Aquatic invasive species and nuisance native vegetation can often have adverse impacts to the ecology of the lake and hinder recreation activities such as fishing, swimming, and waters sports. By addressing these concerns with APM and other key stakeholders, you’ll be better positioned to preserve the lake for the future.

APM offers a range of different options. Depending on the density, distribution, acreage, and substrate type, regulatory constraints, APM will work with you to determine the appropriate manual removal technique. Hand harvesting is most effective and versatile to manage smaller pioneering colonies of invasive species that are spread across larger surface areas. DASH is most effective for small acreage infestations with denser plant growth. Herbicide treatment is most effective for large, dense colonies where DASH or Hand Harvesting would be too labor intensive to complete. When aquatic vegetation impedes recreation, mechanical harvesting can provide immediate relief by cutting navigable lanes.

APM has multiple locations strategically positioned in Wisconsin to serve the Upper Midwest. Depending on the scope of the project, APM can travel throughout the United States.

APM provides services primarily for lake associations, lake districts, home owners associations, and municipalities, APM can also service individual riparian owners and commercial properties.

Depending on the species of the plant, location of the waterbody, plant growth conditions, and project goals, APM will work with you to create a tailored project timeline. Generally, management actions occur between May and September.

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