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Our lake association has been working on managing our infestation of Eurasion Watermilfoil since the early '90s. I've been closely associated with those efforts since 2016. In 2021, we began utilizing DASH services provided by Aquatic Plant Management, LLC. Our experience with Andrew McFrerrin and his team has been excellent, and I would recommend them without hesitation. All of our interactions with APM have been professional and positive. The DASH crew supervised by Shawn Henby has been great to work with. They've been hard working, effective, and consistently deliver on their promises. Our lake association is also working with a consulting firm that oversees our DNR AIS grant, and the coordination between the two firms has been seamless. We are looking forward to working with APM again in the coming season. If you are looking for a firm to assist in your aquatic invasive species management, I suggest you consider APM.

Mark Anderson | Gilbert Lake Association (Waushara County)

“Aquatic Plant Management did an excellent job treating several acres of Eurasian Milfoil in our lake last year with ProcellaCOR. Our post treatment survey showed they eliminated the Eurasian Milfoil. They will be treating our lake again this year as some new beds were discovered during our post treatment survey. They were very professional in securing the permits and notices required by the Wisconsin DNR.”

James Benike | Half Moon Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District

“As a small lake association in need of specific and scale-able mitigation efforts to combat our growing EWM problem, we hired Aquatic Plant Management on the recommendation of their consulting peers, as well as other local AIS specialists to hand harvest EWM during the 2015 summer season. After their hand harvesting work on our lake and can report that they exceed both my individual, as well as most of our resident members expectations thus far. From my first contact with Andrew McFerrin, to working with Nick Johnson and crew on site, they have been nothing less of exemplary in their responsiveness, dedication, and overall professionalism in delivering to us their best effort and service as scheduled, and on budget. Their expertise and passion for their work helping fight EWM and promote healthy lakes is sincere and evident, and serves as an added benefit to their clients.

Peter Schau | Oneida Lake

“Andrew and the Aquatic Plant Management Team listen to your needs then tailor their program to give you the maximum result. Andrew is responsive to your inquires, easy to work with, and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. He and the team are punctual, affable and hard working. We have been very impressed with their approach and the results.”

Tom Macak | Forest Lake

“As the President of the lake association, I was the main person working with Aquatic Plant Management before, during, and after their hand harvesting work on our lake and can report that they exceeded my expectations, as well as most of our members. My contact with Andrew McFerrin and Christian Wahman along with working with Nick Johnson and crew on site has been a good experience. Their passion and expertise fighting EWM and promoting healthy lakes is obvious. When on the lake, their work yielded consistent results as evidenced by the follow-up survey done each fall. Both on and off the lake, they took the time to discuss their work, share their knowledge, and answer any and all questions about their efforts on our lake. "

Jean Roach | Pelican Lake

Our team of professional divers has the skills, tools, and experience to effectively combat populations of invasive species to improve your lake and waterfront.

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