Scott Dock Post Bracket for Aquasweep or De-Icer

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Get to the root of any lake or pond weed problem! With innovative, durable Scott Aerator Company tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep your pond or lake bottom weed-free as you harvest your cut weeds.
  • Remove decaying organic matter from your lake and pond bottom.
  • Pull weeds up from underwater as far 45 feet away.
  • Collect large mats of floating debris.
  • Keep your beachfront free of weeds and other debris.
  • Clean your beach sand, uproot weeds and remove muck.
  • The Dock Post Bracket from Scott Aerator is a simple, secure mounting option for your Aquasweep or De-Icer on docks with round, metal posts. We offer it in standard weight for ⅓ & ½ h.p. Aquasweep and De-icer models. The Heavy Duty option is for ¾ & 1 h.p. models.

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