Scott Boilermaker Aerator 2 hp

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  • 5 year warranty
  • Designed for 24-hour continuous operation
  • Oil free, stainless steel submersible motor
  • No Maintenance
  • Most environmentally friendly system on the market
  • Salt water approved
  • No need to remove in ice conditions
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Lack of oxygen in a body of water can lead to fish kills, foul odors, algae growth, and stagnant vegetation

Scott floating aerators have been made and proven to prevent these problems by adding vital oxygen to your pond or lake, for a clean, fresh, healthy ecosystem.

Scott floating aerators also eliminate mosquito breeding, inhibit surface and bottom growth, and keep your water sparkling clean, all while creating a mesmerizing, high-volume "white boil" effect of highly aerated water.


Our ever-popular Boilermaker with a 2-hp motor! This means more oxygen, a greater flow of water, and a stronger surface current for your lake.

If pond health is your primary consideration, this floating aerator’s high oxygen transfer rates and large volume of water circulation make it an ideal selection. Its improved, high-volume surface flow brings maximum oxygen transfer to your water feature.

The Boilermaker's low-profile design creates the high-volume, “white boil”  effect of highly aerated water, with a minimal vertical display.

The Boilermaker works well as a pond de-icer in winter, too. Like all Scott Aerator Company water features, the Boilermaker eliminates the need for time-consuming, costly winterizing products and procedures. Simply leave your aerator or fountain in the water, turn the power supply off, and forget about it for the winter. Once the water thaws in the spring, re-establish power to the unit and you’re good to go. All of the components will withstand sub-zero conditions without damage.

The Boilermaker is manufactured utilizing a stainless steel, oil-free, submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market. There's no oil to change, no maintenance required, and no control box needed.

The Boilermaker comes standard with 100 feet of heavy-duty, 10-gauge, submersible power cord. Greater lengths are available. Landfill operators, please contact us about larger motor sizes and voltage options.

GFCI required. Please disconnect power source when swimmers are present.


  • 230-volt, 2-hp, oil-free motor.
  • 700 gallons-per-minute flow rate.
  • Highly-aerated, low-profile spray.
  • Electric power cord provided is 100 feet long, 10-gauge submersible.
  • Electric power cord can be ordered in greater lengths.
  • Approved for use in saltwater.
  • Two nylon ropes required for anchoring (not included).
  • Designed for 24-hour-per-day operation.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 38" minimum pond depth required.
  • Motor specs: 60 Hz, single phase, 12 amps, 2025 watts.
  • 5-year motor warranty.
  • Easy installation.
  • Available with 3-phase motor.
  • Available with 50-Hz motor.

Anchoring Instructions

Boilermaker Aerator Assembly

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  • Ships in 1 - 2 days

  • 5-year Warranty

  • Optional Lighting Packages

Scott Boilermaker Aerator

Fountain Specifications

2 hp
230 Volts / Single / 60 hz
Running amps
Suggested pond size
Great for all pond sizes.
Min depth of operation
38 inches


Fountain Lighting

Enjoy your Scott water feature at night! Illuminate it with one of our high-quality, under-water lighting systems.

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