Scott Aerator Muck Pellets

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  • Reduces muck in ponds
  • Reduces sludge build-up from organic decay
  • Breaks down and eliminates animal waste
  • Eliminates murky water from organic waste

Get to the root of any lake or pond weed problem! With innovative, durable Scott Aerator Company tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep your pond or lake bottom weed-free as you harvest your cut weeds.
  • Remove decaying organic matter from your lake and pond bottom.
  • Pull weeds up from underwater as far 45 feet away.
  • Collect large mats of floating debris.
  • Keep your beachfront free of weeds and other debris.
  • Clean your beach sand, uproot weeds and remove muck.
  • Our Scott Aerator Muck Pellets for ponds and lakes reduce undesirable muck, eliminate organic build-up, reduce sludge on the pond or lake bottom, and improve water quality overall. It also reduces disease risk for fish. Our Muck Pellets offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for treating municipal ponds, farm ponds, industrial lagoons, and both commercial and residential ponds and lakes. Great for cold-water ponds too. The tablets are particularly effective for treating the bottoms of ponds and lakes by slowly releasing seven beneficial bacteria.

    Each tab contains 100% safe, natural ingredients. No harmful binding agents or chemicals are used! 

    Scott Aerator Muck Pellets for Large Ponds and Lakes:

    • Reduces muck in ponds.
    • Reduces sludge build-up from organic decay.
    • Breaks down and eliminates animal waste.
    • Eliminates murky water from organic waste.
    • Reduces odor from decay.
    • Reduces toxic ammonia from pond water.
    • Reduces problem-causing nitrate and phosphate.
    • Can be used any time of the year.
    • Is safe to use with all Scott Aerator products.
    • Comes packaged in five or ten pound re-sealable pails.
    • For lakes and large ponds, use five pounds per surface acre every two to four weeks. A five-pound jar will treat one surface acre of water, assuming an average depth of 5 feet.
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