Kasco White LED Composite Fountain Lights with Colored Lenses

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  • 3- and 6-fixture kits in 1-piece composite housings
  • 5 color options (white, with red, green, blue & amber lenses)
  • 2-year warranty
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Kasco’s Composite LED light kits provide classic elegance into the evening hours. Designed to create an impressive color display, Composite LED lighting systems allow you to choose from 5 color options through interchangeable lenses.

These 1-piece composite fixtures feature ultrasonic welded lens, making them the most durable on the market.

Lighting Kit Recommendations

Composite LED
  • 3-Fixture Kit - 1/2, 3/4, & 1HP
  • 6-Fixture Kit - 2, 3, & 5HP

    • Composite LED fixtures
    • Colored lenses and caps
    • Mounting brackets, hardware, & snap-on clips
    • UL, CSA, & NEC approved underwater-rated cable
    • Saltwater compatible
    • Packaged for easy installation and convenient shipping
    • 2-year warranty


    • 120V, 1 phase power
    • Ultrasonically welded thermoplastic fixtures
    • 11-watt potted LED driver and board in each fixture
    • Built-in thermal overload
    • Clear plastic light window
    • Rubber lens cap
    • Set of colored lenses, including red, green, blue, and yellow
    • IP68 connector
    • Flex sleeving on each fixture


    • Coated stainless steel bracket
    • Adjustable angling with thumb screws
    • Includes hardware for mounting to snap-on clip
    • 4-light kits include Universal bracket for mounting to non-Kasco brand floating fountains 


    • 3 wire (L, N, G) • Integrated splitter to allow for single cord back to power source
    • NEMA 5-15P plug
    • 6’ flex sleeving protection
    • Optional Quick Disconnect available


    • Molded thermoplastic attachment clips
    • Easily snap onto light brackets and then onto molded float locations
    • Allow for easy installation and removal of lights on Kasco floats

    LED Composite Lighting Manual

    LED Composite Cord Splice Instructions

    LED3C11 Installation Instructions for Kasco Aerators

    LED6C11 Installation Instructions for Kasco Aerators

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    • Ships in 1 - 2 days

    • 2 year warranty

    • 9 color options, set to music, adjust rhythmic pattern, and change brightness

    Make sure to grab your Kasco Fountain to go with your lights!

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