Kasco RGB LED Fountain Lighting Kit

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  • 3- and 6-fixture kits in 1-piece housings
  • 9 color options
  • Set to music, adjust rhythmic pattern, and change brightness
  • 2-year warranty
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Kasco’s RGB lighting systems add vibrancy to any evening water display. These remote-controlled lighting kits allow you to choose from 9 colors, 3 rhythmic sequencing patterns, 5 brightness levels, and can even be set to music all in the palm of your hand. These systems make entertainment into the evening hours easy.

These 1-piece composite fixtures feature ultrasonic welded lens, making them the most durable on the market.

Lighting Kit Recommendations

  • 3-Fixture Kit - 1/2, 3/4, & 1HP
  • 6-Fixture Kit - 2 & 3HP

    • Composite 3, 4, or 6 RGB fixture kit
    • RGB lighting controller and remote
    • Mounting brackets, hardware & snap-on clips
    • UL, CSA, & NEC approved underwater-rated cable
    • Saltwater compatible
    • Packaged for easy installation and convenient shipping 
    • Change lighting color with the touch of a button
    • Select from 9 static colors or one of three transitions
    • Music mode syncs color transitions to music
    • 2 year warranty


    • 24V DC powered
    • Ultrasonically welded thermoplastic fixtures
    • 5-watt potted RGB LED driver and board in each fixture
    • Built-in thermal overload
    • Clear plastic light window
    • IP68 connector
    • Flex sleeving on each fixture


    • Coated stainless steel bracket
    • Adjustable angling with thumb screws
    • Includes hardware for mounting to snap-on clip
    • 4-light kits include Universal bracket for mounting to non-Kasco brand floating fountains


    • Integrated splitter to allow for single cord back to power source
    • 6-light kits have two power cords with three fixtures each
    • 6’ flex sleeving protection
    • Optional Quick Disconnect available


    • Molded thermoplastic attachment clips
    • Easily snap onto light brackets and then onto molded float locations
    • Enables easy installation and removal of lights on Kasco floats


    • 120V controller plugs into fountain/aerator controller
    • Integrated microphone for music setting
    • Option for 3.5mm-to-3.5mm audio cord for color changing based on music
    • Includes battery-operated remote control for lighting


    • Choose from one of nine static colors
    • Three programs to transition between colors
    • Five brightness levels
    • Music option enables color changing in time with audio via 3.5mm jack or built-in microphone

    RGB LED Lights Manual
    RGB Control Panel Instructions
    RGB Fixture Connection Instructions
    RGB Fixture Replacement Instructions
    RGB Cord Splice Instructions

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    • Ships in 1 - 2 days

    • 2 year warranty

    • 9 color options, set to music, adjust rhythmic pattern, and change brightness

    Make sure to grab your Kasco Fountain to go with your lights!

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