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Aquatic Plant Management

Aquatic Plant Management LLC was founded in 2013 by Andrew McFerrin and Christian Wahman. Both Andrew and Christian grew up on the waters of Lake Minocqua and saw firsthand how Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) can take over once pristine waters. After seeing this invasive plant inhibit native plant growth, decrease property value, and negatively impact water recreation, they realized something had to be done.

Harvesting colonies of aquatic invasive species (AIS) by pulling the entire plant, including the roots, is the most effective way to combat an infestation.  This eliminates the entire plant and ensures no regrowth occurs from that specific plant. Our experiences with other methods of control such as expensive chemicals and biological approaches (e.g., weevils) have confirmed our position that hand-harvesting and DASH are the safest and most sustainable ways to counteract AIS infestations.

With over 20 divers on staff, Aquatic Plant Management is dedicated to cleaning the beautiful lakes of the Upper Midwest and preserving their ecological balances. Feel free to contact us anytime if your lake association wants to learn about the next steps in fighting the war against EWM.

Client Testimonials

Andrew and the Aquatic Plant Management Team listen to your needs then tailor their program to give you the maximum result. Andrew is responsive to your inquires, easy to work with, and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. He and the team are punctual, affable and hard working. We have been very impressed with their approach and the results.

Forest Lake, WITom Macak

As a small lake association in need of specific and scale-able mitigation efforts to combat our growing EWM problem, we hired Aquatic Plant Management on the recommendation of their consulting peers, as well as other local AIS specialists to hand harvest EWM during the 2015 summer season. Prior to this, we utilized herbicide treatments as well as individual...

Oneida Lake, WIPeter Schau

Pelican Lake Property Owners Association represents over 290 individuals and families on a 3,500 acre lake in Oneida Co. When EWM was discovered in 2011 we used herbicide treatment for 2 years. Then, in an attempt to control it in a more lake protective fashion, we hired Aquatic Plant Management on the recommendation of our Lake Study and...